Diary Map Alive! An Account of Five Elementary Librarians’ Year

Reflection is a critical element of improving our practice. Meet five elementary librarians who made reflection and collaboration a cornerstone of their practice. These librarians who work in five separate buildings will work as a tag team to present some of their unique lessons and ideas they created after working together for two years. The goal of their collaboration was to create equity for all students, share best practices and see how they measured up to state and national standards. Presenters will share their teaching materials and video clips as well as the benchmarks, checklists and diary maps they created.

Lauranne Billus (lauranne30@yahoo.com) library media specialist at the Violet Avenue Elementary in Poughkeepsie, was awarded the Bea Griggs K-5 Elementary Grant from SLMSSENY for her "Life Aboard a Ship Unit." She also presented at the New Paltz Multicultural Conference in November of 2008. Alice Dawson (alice.dawson@hydeparkschools.org) library media specialist at North Park Elementary in Hyde Park is also the co-Web Master for the school. In the past she has presented, "Multimedia in the Library" at NYCATE. Sharon Foster, now the library media specialist at Ralph R. Smith Elementary in Hyde Park, had a previous career in banking. Michele Makowicki, library media specialist at Hyde Park Elementary in Hyde Park, also had a previous career. Michele was an aerobic instructor for 20 years. Pam Woodward, library media specialist at Netherwood Elementary in Hyde Park, is also a Web Master for the school.